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Who We Are

Bridging the Gap is a community initiative of Emmanuel Lutheran Episcopal Church and a partner program of the United Way of Kennebec Valley. We have not created something new but are working to unify three existing direct services at the administrative and operational levels. As with any social justice initiative, Bridging the Gap is a way for us to have an organized response to that which breaks our hearts in our community; a way to offset the parts of the system that often make it difficult for an individual to become the healthiest version of him or herself; and a way to develop long-term solutions.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Bridging the Gap is to help people become the healthiest version of themselves by connecting them to basic needs and community resources and by providing opportunities for meaningful volunteerism and social connection.

The vision of Bridging the Gap is a community in which everyone is given the opportunity to thrive and live with dignity.


Core Values

  • Dignity: All people have the right to essential dignity.

  • Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome and is valuable.

  • Love: Loving one another means doing what is in the other’s best interest. Sometimes this means creating limits and saying “no”.

  • Empowerment: We encourage interdependence over dependence. In the long run, lending a hand up is more effective than giving a hand out. Although sometimes a person needs a hand out in order to receive a hand up.

  • Acceptance: Seeing beyond fear– our own and other’s– is part of a healthy community.

  • Safety: A welcoming, safe and inclusive environment is key to our vision and mission.

  • Social Connection: Healthy social connection supports growth and change.

  • Community Engagement: Being involved in community builds trust and understanding and leads to a more vibrant society.

  • Collaboration: Building partnerships and sharing resources generates community growth.

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